In a community where precision is held in high esteem alongside quality and true art, each item sold is carefully designed with every customer in mind. 

At funky.TOTE we appreciate and understand the true meaning of expression in the clothes your wear. We embrace each customers individuality and incorporate them in our products. Get ready to stand out, literally!



The feet can make or break an outfit. Here at funky.TOTE, we are obsessed with Each product carefully selected because of its diverse style and meaning.

Over here, we are obsessed with what our feet. It matters what the feet look like as you rock that mini skirt on your way to the grocery store, our indoors as you walk about your home.

Our socks, loafers and boots serve as the perfect fashion accessory bound to make you turn heads.


The world is evolving and so should we. It's our responsibility to make sure the even the products we wear are sourced from companies with the same vision of a better environment as us.


Who we choose to work with matters hence we've made the conscious decisions to only cooperate with companies who share the same visions as we do.